airtel PC Secure

PC Secure is an antivirus package powered by F-Secure. F-Secure is global leader in IT security solution since 1988. Headquartered in Europe, it offers security to more than 200 ISPs and Mobile operators across over 100 countries.
airtel PC Secure Packages
Basic Pack 85 750
Advanced Pack 100 850
Premium Pack 125 999
Automatic updates: Your antivirus is as good as the last update.
Parental Control: You can block undesired content for your children and view logs of the sites visited.
Time Lock: Lets you define at what time your children can access.
360-degree Security: Scans not only your PC, but also CDs,USB sticks,Internet surfing & downloads.
Best Protection: Extra fast virus protection provided by the world's most reputed antivirus research team.
Firewall: Ideal for 'always-on'broadband connection with protection against hackers,Trojans,worms & other malwares.
Spyware Protection: Surf without fear of personal information being send to third parties.